Friday, July 17, 2015

One of My Favourite Place 02

For the last ten days I have been in another one of my favourite places. My husband went to hike the West Coast Trail so Bug and I left the city and ventured out to my secret garden. The last time I documented this place was last summer, and even though nothing has changed, everything has. Or maybe I have? Maybe I see things differently. Things that I once took for granted, that I once thought were not special now make me swoon & giggle. Maybe its the fact that I have a child who is so curious and interested in absolutely everything, so I get to see things through her eyes. Maybe that is why. Regardless, there were several days, and long moments, where I sat out in this garden, taking in the smells, breathing in the air, sleeping outside in the coolest tent, and being as curious as my 19 month old.

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