Tuesday, July 21, 2015

His West Coast Trail Part 1

While Bug and I were having a bit of a vacation at my parent's house last week, my husband was off hiking the West Coast Trail. Originally my husband and I were hoping to do this hike together this year, however, due to health reasons as well as feeling like it would be a little unfair to Bug, my Hubby invited his father, brother, and a friend to go with him.

They had a lovely time. And they took amazing photographs. I am in awe, a little green, but so very happy that this is a hike my husband can finally cross off of the list. The hike was harder in parts than originality thought, but the boys did it! I am so very proud.

Unable to narrow down the photos any further than I already have (there were like 500) I am splitting up their hike in five parts. Why am I posting about a hike that I have not been on? Even though I was not walking with them, I have been there from the beginning: when this dream took seed, the planning, the buying of all the gear, the stress (from the other women), and the excitement. I feel as though this hike is a major part of our lives and I am so excited to be able to go on this one day. Plus I am a sucker for any nature photo that I can get my hands on. xo

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