Saturday, July 18, 2015

From Bug & I, With Love

Today I thought it would be a lot of fun to share some of the projects that Bug and I have been working on lately. The past week I have been in the countryside visiting my parents and have found so much inspiration from all of the nature that surrounds their home. Plus, having a mother and father who are also extremely creative - it is hard to not have that energy rub off. 

Some of these projects are completely finished and others are in progress or haven't been started. All of these excite me and fill me up with happiness, I hope that they do that for you as well. First off I am going to talk about the projects that I have been working on, after that I will share what Bug has been up too. 

Last week I shared a DIY for turning a book into a card holder. Before I left these books in excellent gift shop hands, I took some fancy gift wrapping paper and glued it to the back cover of each of the books. It was such an simple way to dress up the card holder, yet it added so much to each piece. I am really happy with the way these turned out. 
I made some more necklaces. I am having a hard time not putting things into these cute little vials. Everything looks amazing and adorable. These next three pictures are the ones that I made last week.

Bee Mine. No Bees were harmed in the making of these necklaces. These poor boys were found whilst cleaning my parent's front porch. I think they are beautiful.
Wisps. I love the delicate look of these little guys. There is just so much detail! 

Cute As A Button. Google eyes - does anyone else have a love for little buttons? 

Succulent Sprigs and wreath making! This is my first attempt to make a wreath!!! And that is kind of sad of me to say because my mom used to make wreaths all the time. Where the heck was I? haha, my mom was extremely helpful in providing tips for this process and I really think she should write up a DIY for all of you lovelies? What do you guys think? These wreaths are made from Oriental Sage & Baby's Breath.
Cute little flowers in cute little frames! Yes please. 

Product Photography! I love, love, love taking pictures of products. Just love it. I am so thankful for the opportunity to take pictures for one of my favourite gift shops. 
I got some yarn from the lovely Cozy Up Shop! Any guesses as to what I am going to make? 
I inherited this project from my mom who doesn't have time to finish it. Its going to be the cutest blanket ever! I like all of these colours a LOT. 
And there are so many more things that I cannot wait to share with you all. I might make this a regular feature on the blog - let me know what you think a

Here are some of the things that Bug has been working on lately. Colouring the sidewalk. I helped only a little. She prefers to colour with people than alone.
I was so thrilled to find these pictures on my phone. Sometimes I forget to close down the camera app on my phone and this was one of those times. Here are some of the pictures Bug took. Copyright.

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