Monday, July 13, 2015

Four Mondays Of : P O P S I C L E S / Coffee Chip

There are days that I need a cup of coffee. Not everyday. Some days that I am fine having a big, cold glass of water, or even tea. However, there are those days that the eyeballs don't want to open all the way, days that Bug has way too much energy, and days that followed nights were I just tossed and turned. Coffee days!

Since I am also struggling with the idea of drinking hot things while the weather is hot, hot, hot, I turned my NEED into a popsicle. I am an adult, I can do that! And I did. 
Chocolate Chips
Ice Cream or Heavy Cream
Cold, Strong Coffee
Popsicle Containers.
Place a large spoonful of ice cream into the popsicle container. Add as many chocolate chips as you like and mixed it all together. Add the cold coffee on top and freeze. 
For Cold Coffee:
Make a large pot of strong coffee. Pour yourself a cup! Put the rest into a pitcher and place in the refrigerator. Drink the cup you poured for yourself!
Enjoy. The ice cream mixes in a little with the coffee which I found to be the appropriate amount of sweetness for my liking. Sugar can always be added to the cold coffee before placing on top of the ice-cream mixture.

If you would like to see the other popsicles I create, click on the titles. Green Tea with Lemon & my Orange Raspberry Yogurt Swirl.

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