Monday, July 06, 2015

Four Mondays Of : P O P S I C L E S / Orange Raspberry Yogurt Swirl

I wanted this week's popsicle to be something that I could feel good giving to my daughter on a hot summer day. Last week I made a green tea popsicle with lemon oil, which was delicious, but it was something that I wasn't comfortable giving to Bug all the time. I decided that my next popsicle was going to be something kid friendly. Orange Raspberry Yogurt Swirl.
Orange Juice (homemade or store bought)
Yogurt (your favourite)
Raspberries (frozen or fresh from the garden)
Popsicle containers.
Add the raspberries to the popsicle containers. I put two - four in each container. Pour a little of the orange juice in, then add a spoonful of yogurt into the centre of the juice. Take a spoon and gently push the yogurt down into the container. Top off with orange juice (and more raspberries if desired) and freeze as normal.  
The mixture of colours with all of the fruit made for such a fun photography shoot. I had way too much fun. The colours are gorgeous, the flavours are yummy, this is a great popsicle for littles. It was a cooler day today when I tried to get Bug to try the popsicle, she took a few bites but wasn't into the idea of a cold popsicle. I cannot wait to bring these out as soon as it begins to warm up again. This will be such a hit paired with sprinklers and the smell of sunscreen.

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