Tuesday, July 14, 2015

DIY Greeting Card Holder

A few weeks ago there was a jewellery booth that did this project as a way to showcase the rings that she made. Loving this idea, I put it on the back burner, a place for the future - one day soon - projects that I would make for my house. However, recently while I was pursuing through some Christmas magazines, I saw this project again, this time used as a way to display Christmas cards. Another fabulous idea! I decided it was time to make it. After showing it off to a few people, I have a gift shop who wants two of them for display purposes!!! so happy!
All you need is a hardcover book. Any size. Fold all of the pages in half, making sure that it gets tucked into the spine. The more pages a book has, the tighter the pages will be. I would recommend a large book for cards and a smaller book for jewellery - keep in mind, the more pages the better. If desired, you can decorate the inside cover with scrapbook or wrapping paper. 
I love the look of the pages folded, seeing only a little bit of each word somewhat appeals to me. I am wanting to go to a thrift store very soon to find a small hard cover for my vanity that I can use for my rings and maybe a large one for displaying Christmas cards. What do you all think of this idea? If I glued all of the pages together, I think this project would work well for little book ends - I haven't tried that yet though. Oh man, now I need to go fold more pages, so many projects! haha Happy folding. xo 

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