Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bug Food: New Tastes & Textures

We have been playing a lot with new foods recently. I am pretty sure Bug is going through a growth spurt and I feel as if we cannot feed her enough to keep her happy. There have even been a couple of nights when she would wake up and cry, sign for food, and roll back onto her belly after finishing her banana. It can be hard to wake up in the middle of the night, but I love knowing that she can communicate with me straight away what is wrong. She is hungry. She is growing. Growing too fast. 

Since she has been eating so much, I thought that this week would be a great one to introduce new-to-her foods. She loved everything that I placed in front of her regardless of texture or new. It makes me so happy knowing that she is not a picky eater. 
Snack: Fruit salad. Grapes, cherries, watermelon, oranges, cantaloupe, honey dew, and apple.
 Breakfast. Strawberry, blueberry, banana smoothie. 
Supper. Lentil, carrot & tomato soup with crackers.
 Breakfast. Scrambled eggs with onions, cottage cheese, and blackberries.
Breakfast. Scrambled eggs with tomatoes & red pepper, fruit salad that is mostly oranges, and milk.
 Supper. Pasta salad: noodles with tomatoes, cucumber, celery, onion, and red pepper - tossed with oregano, a dash of salt and pepper, and Italian dressing.

We have also discovered a couple of foods that are some of Bug's favourite two-in-the-morning snack:
Soda Crackers
Cottage Cheese
Peanut butter sandwich

I hope you have all enjoyed this little round up of Bug's food and that you were able to find some inspiration for your littles. xo 

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