Wednesday, July 08, 2015

A Makers Recap

I have been so blessed and inspired by the amazing online community of makers, movers, creators, painters, crafters, knitters, and so many others who are living their dreams by doing what they love. I started the Maker Series as a way for stories to get told, for product to get seen, and for a way for people to connect with others. I never dreamed that I would make amazing friends out of the emails that I sent out, and that I would become part of such an amazing community. A community that I had no idea existed. I love how friendly, encouraging, and sweet people are, how willing they are to share each other's works, how willing they are to share their own personal story that is so richly filled of strength, beauty, trials, and inspiration. People who are living their dreams, doing what they love to do, creating, sharing their gift around the world, and who are making a difference in someones else life. 

There have been six wonderful makers who have allowed me to share their story on the Knotted Home. Each story is different from the last, a way to get to know them a little better, to be inspired by their day to day activities, and to see how they got to the point where they are today.

I am immensely inspired by these six individuals and I would shout about them from the mountaintops if I could. Since we are past the half way mark of 2015, I thought it would be really fun to show off these makers again, to hear and share their stories again. And, in case you missed one of their stories before or if you find yourself stuck in a little bit of a rut today, I hope that they will inspire you in some way. 
F R O S T B E A R D 
Frostbeard.      Etsy. Instagram. Facebook.
I absolutely love Frostbeard. Their branding, candle names, and smells make this company an absolute must for any candle/book lover. My favourite smell (so far) has been this, and I really hope to own this & this soon. 
"Our candles are available at over 60 shops nation-wide (mostly indie bookshops) and we are the top candle store on Etsy. Like I said, we're lucky. And oh so thankful!"

C O ZY  U P  D E S I G N S
Cozy Up Designs.      Etsy. Instagram. Facebook.
These four sisters are darling and their knitting incredible. I am honoured to be able to work with them as much as I do and I think everyone in the entire world needs a Cozy Up Toque. I also need this for Bug & more of this
"Years of dreaming about having a knitting company, owning a cozy little yarn shop and teaching others to knit are slowly but surely coming to reality!"

A N T L E R S & H O N E Y
Antlers & Honey.      Etsy. Instagram. Facebook.
My stumbled upon Kira's Instagram by accident one day and am forever thankful that I did. Her IG account is nothing short of amazing and her work is stunning. This is one of my favourites currently in her store and I cannot wait for the following two prints to come. Thanks to Kira for sharing these photographs on the blog today! 
 "I will choose to just live the moment I am in by taking minimal pictures. I'll embrace the experience with those I am with and then later reminisce about it my sketchbook."

T H E  D A P P E R  J A C K A L O P E
The Dapper Jackalope.      Etsy. Instagram. Facebook.
This lady has such a special place in my heart. I have had an amazing time talking and working with her and she is nothing but sunshine. Such a sweetheart. This item has to be one of my favourites in her store, I simple adore this, and I am extremely excited for her colouring book to officially be out! Preorder now and you save 10%!!!
"As a new graduate, if you’re lucky, you get to choose from a set of options presented to you. Creating my own path instead of boxing myself into a pre made option has done wonders for me." 

J U L I E  A N N  S T U D I O S
Julie Ann Studios.      Etsy. Instagram. Facebook.
I love, love, love, love Julie Ann's dinosaurs. I want to own every single one of them and I think they would all look so amazing displayed together! This little guy is my favourite, then there is him, followed by him. And this guy is so cute! Julie Ann is also coming out with a brand new collection called Garden Critters, which I think is a genius idea! The picture below is a sneak peek of their cute little faces, and make sure that you visit her website for updates on more!
"Now for my favorite part, adding their cute little eyes! I love how the tiniest brush stroke brings them instantly to life."

A R T + S O U L  C R E A T I V E  C O
Laura is so talented & lovely, I wish I could meet up with her every single day to just talk and paint. I am so very happy with the order I purchased from her a couple of weeks ago and will definitely be making another order soon. This is one of the cards I bought and is still my favourite, I want her to bring this into her store, and I need him . My heart was also a little sad when this guy sold, just too cute. 
"Being a self-taught artist, I rely heavily on emotions and feelings to dictate the way I paint instead of learned techniques. I'm pretty much a kid at heart so I think a lot of my paintings capture that playful positivity and child-like innocence."
I am so happy that I got to know every single one of these makers by working with them and I am so thankful of the posts they each put together for me. Thank you so much Antlers & Honey, Art + Soul Creative Co, Cozy Up Designs, The Dapper Jackalope, Frostbeard, and Julie Ann Studios. You all are so dear to me and I am forever thankful for your friendship. 

If you are interested in being a part of the Maker Series, I would love to hear from you. My email is Let's work together and inspire others to live their dreams, to start creating what is on their heart, and to share their stories so that even more people can join this wonderful online community of makers. Happy Wednesday. xo 

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