Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Maker Series: Julie Ann Studios

Happy Wednesday! Today I have another lovely artist to introduce to you all. Julie Ann's style drew me as soon as I saw it and I was absolutely tickled when she got in touch with me. Her dinosaurs are the absolute best (I have always had a soft spot for dinosaurs) and her dog portraits are delightful! She is so lovely to chat with and I am so excited for what she has written up for the Knotted Home blog. I hope you all enjoy.
Hello! My name is Julie Ann Hausen and I’m the artist and owner of Julie Ann Studios. I design nature-inspired nursery decor, animal art, and pet portraits. I love working in watercolor and digital mediums to create art for animal lovers. Since Emily’s favorite pieces are from my Dinosaur Friends Collection, we decided to give you guys a special behind the scenes look into my studio as I create a brand new Dinosaur watercolor painting!

Let’s get started!

I began by researching different dinosaurs and doing some rough sketches to see which ones would be the perfect addition to my Dinosaur Friends Collection. After sketching out some different options, I decided on a parent and baby Parasaurolophus, a type of Duck-Billed Dinosaur.

Once I had the sketch just how I wanted, I began painting the parent’s crest and face. If you look closely, you can see the wet blue and green paints mixing into a lovely tone on the Dino’s nose. So fun!

Scientists have speculated that these Dinos had beautiful coloration on their crest and unusually tall tails to help them attract a mate, so I decided to paint cute stripes that would not only help this Dino look adorable, but could also help provide this herbivore with some camouflage. Gotta keep this cutie safe! ;)

After the blue and green paints dried, I added a soft, creamy green belly to our adult Parasaurolophus. You can see the sketch of the baby to the right (under the paintbrush).

I’ve got to say, I LOVE this brush! It is perfect for painting these Dinos. I used it on both the parent and baby to give them a really smooth coloration.

Now for my favorite part, adding their cute little eyes! I love how the tiniest brush stroke brings them instantly to life.

Here they are both getting a good look at each other. Why hello cute little dinos!

Once they were both completely dry, it was time to scan them in so I could get them ready to become beautiful art prints.

After I had scanned in the Parasaurolophus, I imported them into Photoshop to remove the background, add digitally hand-lettered text options, and make sure that everything looked just right.

Ta da! Here they are all ready to go in my Etsy Shop and website alongside their other Dinosaur Friends. I hope you had fun seeing the creation of this cute Parasaurolophus Family!

As a special treat for The Knotted Home readers, I’m giving you a 20% off coupon that you can use in my Etsy shop or website! Use code: THEKNOTTEDHOME. Act quick! It’s only good until June 20th, 2015!  

If you’d like to get an exclusive look into my studio, be the first to know about new artwork and sales, and meet my two adorable dogs, follow me on social media. Let’s keep in touch!
Instagram: @julieannstudios

To see my art collections and online home, check out my website and Etsy shop!

♡ Julie Ann
Thank you so much again to, Julie! What do you guys think of her art? Isn't it wonderful! I need this piece and I can think of a few people who need this piece. ALSO make sure you take advantage of the 20% off coupon for her store!! Such a treat! Thank you, Julie!

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