Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Summer Sprig Necklaces

This was the type of necklace that started me on my jewellery making journey. Flowers in glass jars! I don't know about you, but I find these gorgeous. It was hard saying goodbye to these. 
I have always loved drying flowers in my house and it was so much fun finding a purpose for them & placing them into the glass bottles. I did find a few dried goodies around my mother's yard as well. Working with each flower was different and they were all dried by either my mother or myself. Here are some closeups of each kind of flower. 
Here is a picture of me wearing a white flower sprig around my neck, hard to see, but I can only imagine how lovely it would look against a black shirt.
My mother sent me these next few pictures of all of the necklaces hanging in her store. I love that she placed them in the same location as my Flower Pressed Art - the whole section is adorable. 
If Knotted Home was a gift shop, the above pictures are just a sample of all of the handmade goodies that it would hold. I dream about that sometimes, owning my own store. Crafting, creating, making, loving everything. Oh what a dream that would be. Below are some links to the goodies you have seen in the gift shop pictures.
Summer Sprig necklaces.
Love Knot Necklaces
Pressed Flower Frames