Friday, June 19, 2015

St. Albert Farmer's Market, A Pretty Garden, & Fried Green Tomatoes

Bug and I had a lovely opportunity to join some family members to go out and experience St. Albert Farmer's Market. It was our very first time going, and even though the sky was gloomy and it rained a little, we had the absolute best time! The farmer's market is huge and full of so many different booths ranging from jewellery to produce, house-hold decorations to clothes. I was shocked when I found out that there weren't even as many booths as there will be in a few weeks when summer is "really" here. I loved it and I really want to go back. I took a couple of snapshots of our bundled up experience of it all. 
Bug really enjoyed all of the samples that she got. She tired mango for the very first time and absolutely loved it. 
I feel sad that I didn't take too many pictures, but I do hope that I will have the opportunity to go again and really document the experience. I also seem to have lost the photograph that I took of our chips on a stick! You all will have to wait until next time to see that, I guess. 

After the farmer's market, we went to a friend's house to make supper together. In the middle of it all, we went outside to find some parsley and chives so that we could use in our supper. I fell in love with all of the beautiful flowers that made up her garden and quickly went back inside so that I could find my camera.
Did you know that you can eat the purple flower that the chives produce? I didn't and quite enjoyed it. It starts off with a little onion flavour that enhances as I chewed. I really enjoy that and will start putting them into my salads. Even if I am the only one who eats them, they would make a very pretty element in the salad. 
Those tomatoes came from the farmer's market! I think they are stunning and I wanted to just eat them as is. There is something so cool about buying produce locally and then making a delicious supper with it. I love that feeling.
Of course, one of Bug's favourite parts of the day was this adorable kitty. The only sad thing was this kitty is not quite as cuddly as the kitties Bug is used too. But Bug didn't seem to notice.
You might have already seen this photograph above on my Instagram, but I wanted to talk a little about it. My friend bought this at the farmer's market and I think it is the coolest thing ever. The artist is Kaytlyne and her booth drew me in as soon as I saw these iPhone covers. Looking at her Etsy store online after we left the market and I am in love with everything. Especially this, and this, and this custom piece. Support local!!
Our salad and fried green tomatoes were made out of ingredients that we purchased from the farmer's market and it tasted so good! I have never had fried green tomatoes before and I am such a huge fan. I will be posting a recipe on the blog on how to make them, because they are now my new summer snack staple and I want to share. 
After supper we had a dance party and little toddler races together. This was such a great day. I have been feeling quite ill for a while so being able to get out of the house for a little bit, and still be in a relaxing atmosphere, was such a mood lifter. Plus I am in love with that farmer's market and I, I will say it again, cannot wait to get back there. xo

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