Thursday, June 18, 2015

Project 365 // Days 164 - 170

Day 164. I know Bug isn't at the point of fully realizing it yet, but I get so sad when people don't stop and wave back to this little girl. This is a daily habit of hers, to go to the window whenever she hears people, yelling "hi" and waving like a madwoman. It is the sweetest little voice and the sweetest thing.
Day 165. Bug now has her own crayon case! I found all of my old crayons including the crayon circles that my mother made me years ago. We have been colouring our art box all week so I am sure I will be posting some new pictures of it soon. 
Day 166. A dear friend gave me some peonies and I have been absolutely loving them. If you are following my Instagram or have seen this post, you have probably already seen their beautiful petals. Peonies are my second favourite flower. 
Day 167. Working on my very first custom order! What???? She even told me I should be on Etsy! What????? Do you agree? I am awed and blushing. 
Day 168. My mother is amazing and after hearing that Bug's critters "needed" hats, she knit me up several different sizes. And then mailed them to me. Oh, I love getting mail, and now Bug and I have a game of taking them on and switching them around the critters. I think they are way too cute.
Day 169. Bug decided not to have a nap, which meant she passed out at 6:40pm and refused to wake up. She slept all night only waking up at midnight once for a little midnight snack. Then back to bed and slept until 10:00am. I had a very good sleep - the best I have had for two weeks. 
Day 170. I haven't been feeling good for the last few weeks. Because I have so much to do and am feeling overwhelmed by it all, I try and make sure that my house is slowly getting clean every single day. I am actually amazed at how well my house is staying clean for how poor I have been feeling. This picture is of a little corner in my home that I am absolutely loving. I am thinking of posting a kitchen tour very soon. Let me know if you would like to see it. xo 

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