Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Favourites

Another month gone! Boom. Gone. Just like that! sigh

June was a very interesting month for me. I found myself dealing with extreme exhaustion, dizziness, and headaches, all which is not normal for me. Luckily I found out that I have a thyroid issue and we are now trying to fix it with a bit of medication. The Dr. says it will be several weeks before I am back to my "normal" self, but already within the first few days my dizziness and headaches have stopped. Only exhaustion to deal with. I am a mother, I should be used to that, right? 

Regardless of my crazy health issue, I had a really good month. I showed you lovelies some of the necklaces that I have been working on and I received nothing but happy admiration for them. Thank you. I had two lovely Makers on my blogs who brought us into their studios and showed us what it would be like to see them work. I was also still able to experience the St. Albert Farmer's Market for the first time, go to the farm, and try some new food. I am extremely pleased with how this month went.

I hope that there are just as many, and hopefully more, new travel experiences that my family can be a part of in July. I hope that we take more advantage of being outside, going for walks, being a part of nature. Being cooped up in my living room for two weeks is not fun, so now that my dizziness is gone, all I want to do is take advantage of all that I could not enjoy previously. July is going to be a good month. I just know it. 

Lets take a moment and look back at June. These are the most popular posts of June in no particular order. I hope you all enjoyed. Please let me know what you guys have liked and what you would like to see more. Have a great day. xoxo 

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