Monday, June 15, 2015

Four Mondays Of : H A I R

Hello Lovelies. I almost didn't post today. I haven't been feeling well all week and pretty much did nothing fun to my hair all week. Yesterday, however, I felt a little better so I thought that I would do a fun up do with my hair. The real neat thing about what I was attempting to do, was that it looked good at every single step that I was at, so I wanted to document everything.
Step One. Braid a section of your hair on either side of your head. Make sure that the hairs you want to have framed around your face are left out of the braids. Even though this was the first step in the hair style that I was trying to recreate, I really like the look of just the braids on either side of my head. It adds texture to my hair, and since its extremely fine, I really like it.
Step Two. Take both braids and bobby pin them around your head. I found this step challenging only because Bug decided she didn't want to share my little compact mirror, so I had to ask my husband if everything was in order. He wasn't very helpful either, but he tried. Just tuck in the ends of the braids and bobby pin everything in place. (Normally all the bobby pins would be hidden properly) Again, I thought this was a great look.
Step Three. Next all you need to do is take the hair that hangs down and put it up in a messy bun. That is it! Super easy, super quick, and just lovely. What do you guys think?

Hooray, this concludes my very first Four Mondays Of series. I really like the idea of focusing on a theme and trying out new-to-me things & goals. I have already learned so much about my hair and it really makes me want to continue playing with it rather than just putting it up in a top knot. I am very excited to even think about what my next hair style post will look like. Thank you so much for reading. xo

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