Saturday, June 20, 2015

Easy Fried Green Tomatoes

Yesterday I mentioned that I tried Fried Green Tomatoes for the very first time, so I thought that it would be a good thing to post a recipe. These tomatoes were bought at the St. Albert Farmer's Market, and even though I really do not have another green tomato to compare too, I thought they were superb.

Green Tomatoes
Seasoning - optional

You will want to put butter and half the onions that you have chopped up into a frying pan. Cook until tender. Slice the green tomatoes and add to the frying pan - cooking for about ten minutes. Put the rest of the onion in and finish cooking until the tomatoes are a light brown. Let them cool a little and then devour.
Honestly these were so good - if you like tomatoes. I was looking online this morning for alternative recipes to try out and this one caught my eye. I do like how my friend made it though, because even though the tomatoes were fried in butter, it didn't feel heavy or as unhealthy as a lot of options that I have been seeing online. Even though I do want to try them coated in bread crumbs and cornmeal, at least once. xo

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