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Dreaming of Alpacas: and an Interview about Young Living Essential Oils

I have always wanted to be self-sufficient, self-reliant, a homemaker, a gardener, and live off the grid. I have lists miles long of things that I either want to eventually get to the point of doing or having - owning goats, making cheese, having a large garden, as well as some smaller goals that include - making my own bath products, cutting my own hair, learning how to make bread, & making all my Christmas presents. I dream about owning alpacas and spinning their wool into yarn. I dream of living in a Hobbit hole in the middle of nowhere with other like-minded people.  I even dream that I would only have internet or electricity for two hours every day, so that I could still blog and be a part of an amazing community online, yet live the majority of my day LIVING my life. 

For the most part, I get very weird looks whenever I mention anything from the above list. And that is alright. I completely understand that it may be a little weird that on my birthday wish-list are things like : vegetable seeds for a garden & a spinning wheel. I can live with that as that is who I am. Be Emily. 

Recently, it dawned on me that even though I cannot apply everything to my life that is on my wish-list right now, I can certainly take small little steps towards living that life. (My mother has been telling me this for years!) I have started reflecting over my home, making lists of ingredients to buy, things to try, and a to-do that starts now.
I have been reading so many articles on how to go clean, live natural and chemical free with everything from cooking, to cleaning house, to baby products, to beauty products. Research like this makes me so happy, but finding a like-minded individual to actually talk to about all things natural, getting to that point, and what it all means, someone who I can dream and learn to live with, that makes me even happier. 

My Aunty has been living and figuring out how to live a healthy, happy life for her and her family by learning all about fermenting, healthy eating, and clean living, just to name a few. She is always growing, trying new things, being creative, and is a huge inspiration to me.  

Her friend gave her an opportunity to try the Young Living Essential Oils, and even though my Aunty was hesitant to try them at first, she is so very thankful that she did. Telling me her excitement and joy, I was curious and started asking so many questions. Out of everything that she told me, one thing stood out. "If the oils work and help with so many things that my family & I are ailing from, it is because GOD put them there. I do NOT believe in the oils. I believe in God." That stuck with me. Of course, HE would be the reason that oils would help individuals! HE created everything, and the oils are part of that everything. Why didn't I think like this before? I think I always get so freaked out with the idea of people saying, 'we believe in the oils,' it made me nervous and made me want to stay away. Talking with my Aunt, I could just hear her love of God pour out as she told me how they helped her family in so many ways. She thanks God for all of the oils that she uses as she uses them. Now that is something I can get on board with. I asked her if she would like to do a mini interview for my blog so that we can talk a little more about her and Young Living, she agreed and I am so happy to share with you what she wrote down below. 


First off, tell us a little bit about yourself. 
I’m a “mostly” stay-at-home, homeschooling mother of six children…5 boys and one girl. I’ve aways loved DIY crafts and homemaking, finding solutions and thinking outside the box for answers. I love to draw and to paint, to write and to lift heavy things, getting dirty and playing with compost. My husband and I own a restaurant where I work very part time doing what I love to do, serving others, and where he is one of the marvellous chefs.   I believe that God has put the most wonderful ingredients, in nature, for us to use for the betterment of ourselves, our families, our neighbours and the world. From food and Essential Oils to gardens and art to mycelium and bacteria…I see the connectedness of it all!

How did you hear about Young Living Essential Oils?  
A friend of mine came over for coffee and she started to tell me about Young Living Essential Oils. I had heard of Essential Oils before but couldn’t understand how an oil distilled from a plant could be any benefit to me. It always seem so daunting to learn about and the cost seemed prohibitive. 

What made you want to try them? Why did you fall in love with them? 
I was very sceptical at first because I was just coming out of a place where I had lost all of my “faith” in Natural Remedies. (Not because they didn’t work but because they lack the many many studies pharmaceuticals have.) My friend had a sample of something she called “Pain Away” cream. Being the good friend I was I figured I would humour her and try it on my calves which is where much of the pain from my Plantar Fasciitis originates form.   Within minutes I stopped our conversation. The pain…the constant pain I have in my feet, was gone! It was amazing! Nothing had ever worked so fast or as well!   I called my son over who gets almost daily tension headaches. I put some Pain Cream on his neck and back. He gave a big sigh of relief within seconds! That did it for me. I needed to be involved with this product, that not only helped me with my pain, but it could help my son!   

What made you want to try them? Why did you fall in love with them? 
I have fallen in love with these EO not only because of the help we are receiving but also because of Young Livings Seed to Seal promise. I love how they not only distill the oils, they also grow them and test them and have a third party test them to make sure their Essential Oils meet or exceed all standard.  https://www.youngliving.com/en_CA/discover/quality 

How have they benefited your family? 
I’ve written about my son’s headaches and my plantar fasciitis but we’ve used them to stop tantrums in their tracks, calm a worried heart, soothed an anxious mind, improved temperaments, regained Joy, sharpened memory, opened airways, hushed coughs, quieted restlessness, deterred bugs, killed germs and so much more…and that was only with the starter kit! 

What is your favourite smell? What is it good for? 
My favourite smell is always changing. At first it was Thieves, which I love. Then Purification. I couldn’t stop taking deep slow inhales of this powerful oil blend. It was like my body was telling me I needed more of it.   Right now, Ylang Ylang is my favourite. I don’t think I will ever be without it. For me, it seems to ground me, if that makes sense. I find my footing again so I can keep going. I regroup.   I have mixed some Ylang Ylang with coconut oil, Lemongrass and a few drops of Balsam Fir and I use that on my tummy and hips. I don’t know why I put it there…it just feels right. Everyday when I go to open the bottle this mix is in, I think to myself that it’s an okay smell, but when I open it, and smell it, I feel like I’m coming home! 

If you could only have one oil for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
My heart says Ylang Ylang, but for the sake of everyone probably Peppermint. It is wonderful for a tummy ache or headache. Helps with sore muscles, and smells nice. But Thieves is wonderful and very useful as well. And Purification…and Stress Away…! I can’t choose.

Since chatting with my Aunt, I have been praying a lot about these oils. Young Living Essential Oils was exactly the type of product that I was looking for. They are natural, their seed to seal promise fits what I want out of a company, and I would be starting down the path of a chemical-free life. Days after my chat with my Aunt, I was blessed by another family member who bought the starter kit for me. They too love the oils and wanted our family to try them out and I am so very thankful to that individual. 

Since I have had access to the oils, I kept coming back to the same conclusion. God should be praised for the oils. I believe in God, I don't believe in the oils. Young Living is the amazing tool that helps us yield the oils, but the tool does not have the power, only the Maker. (I am thankful to Young Living for their amazing company.) And now, I have decided that I am going to give them a try. I am going to play and experiment and just see what works, what doesn't work. I am going to see if they will fit my families need while giving glory to God & thanking Young Living for this opportunity to try them out. 

Now that I have said all of that, I would like to know if you, dear readers, would like me to talk more about my experience with using Young Living Essential Oils? What works for us, what experiments I try, or what bath products (I want to make deodorant and bath bombs so bad) that I make? Let me know as I would love to play around with these oils and report back as my findings. I am not a doctor and will NOT be making any claims as to being such. I will not report any findings that don't work for us, AND I will never make any claims as to any oils working for specific needs or for all people. I will just be writing about MY experience with them, how I use them, and what works best for me and my family. Let me know if this is something you guys would like to see from the Knotted Home. 
If you would like to continue reading the lovely words of my Aunt, please follow her on her blog "Life In This Place." You won't regret it. xoxo 

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