Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Maker Series: Antlers & Honey

Happy Wednesday, lovelies! Today on the blog is a lovely lady who has inspired me immensely on her Instagram. The minute I saw her feed, I was in awe and I wanted to become her friend immediately. She is such a sweetie and her artwork is amazing. Antlers & Honey is her shop name  and she will be sharing with us where and how she stays inspired. Thank you so much Kira.
Adventurer seeker, artistic soul, and lover of the outdoors are just a few of the ways friends and family have described me. Born and raised in sunny California I enjoy spending lots of time outdoors with my sketchbook always by my side. For me nothing beats finding a quiet place in the woods where I can draw and be inspired.
Living in a place with such a diverse amount of wilderness has allowed my husband and I to go on many adventures. We spend countless hours trying to get to the most remote places. From ocean shores to mountain tops our wanderlust has taken us all over. Together we strive to live simple and embrace all that nature has to offer.
The moments I spend in nature fill my heart with an overwhelming amount of awe and inspiration. It is a place of freedom and adventure where I can take a breath in and use my surroundings to do nothing but be present and create. I find that I have a never ending supply when I go out into nature to draw from, and I have yet to be disappointed. I will choose to just live the moment I am in by taking minimal pictures. I'll embrace the experience with those I am with and then later reminisce about it my sketchbook.
As I begin to create a piece I always keep simplicity in mind. I find that I am drawn to clean, minimal lines to capture the complexities of the outdoors. I plan to continue to use my inspiration from my adventuring into the woods as I grow as an artist and try to capture its beauty with the simplest brush stoke. 
Thank you again to Kira from Antlers & Honey for sharing her photographs and her story with us. I love nature and I know that I draw so much from being outside with the fresh air. Kira just makes me want to move to California so that I can go on adventures with her. Sigh. Definitely check out her Instagram feed - you will see why I love this girl. 

If you would like to be a part of the Maker Series or if you know of someone who you think should be showing of their talents, please email me at knottedhome (at) hotmail (dot) com. The Maker Series is a place of inspiration, encouragement, and support to those who want to craft, create, or live a homemade lifestyle. This series is all about creating a comfortable and inspirational place in which we can showoff our talents and inspire anyone who has ever dreamed to start something new. 

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