Thursday, May 21, 2015

Project 365 // Days 136 - 142

Day 136. Knitting & Crafting up a storm - feeling so inspired lately.
Day 137. My mom was so kind and let me have her embroidery thread! YAY!
Day 138. Teaching Bug how to blow dandelions, she just likes pulling them off. 
Day 139. Whatever doesn't blow away from Bug I claim as my own. Did I mention that I was getting crafty lately?
Day 140. We took Bug to the park, in which she saw a goose, and then she wanted to hug it. She was one unhappy child when we told her she couldn't hug it.
Day 141. Finally found some shoes that Bug doesn't mind wearing. She has been so used to those elmo slippers that finding hard shoes were next to impossible. 
Day 142. We found a little bird house on our long walk today. 

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