Monday, May 18, 2015

Pressed Flower Art

Several weeks ago I rediscovered my flower press and the forgotten treasures within. I didn't know I had so many beauties waiting for me to find. A couple days ago I decided that I need to do something with the flowers of so long ago; bring them back to life, back to the daylight. I bought some supplies and ripped up a book, all in the name of flowers.
I have pressed flowers in frames before, however, I feel like every time I do it its new, exciting, and different than the last. I found beautiful wood frames and an old story that mentions flowers and fields, moors and trees. And death. The world is not always a pretty place filled with rainbows & butterflies, death larks its corners as well. I used those pages too. The flowers are dead yet, even in death, peace and beauty can be found.
Now I need to find some flowers to press for next year, any garden I can raid? I already have so many ideas for the next batch of flower art. Which one is your favourite? Do you have any experience in flower pressing? I would love to hear about it and learn all that I can.

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