Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Our First Greenhouse of the Year

Over the weekend we had family who came down to spend some time with us. It was so good to see them and it was very needed - to have a break from the same old. I loved that they came down and we already miss them so much. One of the days that they were here, we all decided to go to a greenhouse that was a favourite from years past. How could I say no? Not only do I love flowers and wish I could have a greenhouse of my own, but this would be Bug's very first time surrounded by flowers. We had to go. 

Now, before I continue, you need to know that this post is flower/baby photo heavy. Between my love for flowers (I really do agree with Amber when she states that flowers are her love language) and my excitement for Bug who was basically running everywhere, "she was free," I couldn't contain myself and I took so many photos. I just couldn't help myself. Putting together this post today brought tears to my eyes, I have so many happy memories going to greenhouses with my mother. It makes me so happy knowing that I can continue that tradition with Bug, and it freaks me out and excites me that one day she will be taking her own kids to a greenhouse. These are the best little traditions. 

So without anymore tears and babbling, I will share with you my photos. They are all arranged how I took them on the day and I feel like it really shows how free Bug really was that day. 
Bug is an amazing little finder, half way through our visit she started giving me the flowers she found on the floor. The lady who worked there told Bug she could keep any flowers she found on the floor, so we took our treasures home to press them. 
Can we just take a moment to look at her curls? They are so lovely and untameable. The greenhouse was made up of six rows so Bug ran through all of them several times. 
That was the end of our little adventure at the greenhouse. We didn't come home with anything but the little forgotten flowers to press. I really cannot wait to go to another greenhouse with Bug, she has such a good time and I had completely forgotten how lovely all the flowers sitting together smell. xoxo

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