Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Knitted Cable Love

There is something about knitted cables that makes my heart happy. I love the way that it looks, like the yarn is twisting around, and I personally think that adding cables into any pattern makes it look ten times better. But thats just me. Lately I have been spending any free time I have looking on Pinterest and I have been swooning over the pictures that I have been finding on there. Here are a few of my favourite cabled patterns that have me in awe and wishing that I had more free time.
 1. Little baby cabled slippers.
2. Bug would love these owl socks
3. This toque looks amazing. Knitting Kit can be found here.
4. My bed needs to look like this.
5. This sweater would be a great friend come fall.

Don't they look cozy & lovely? I know you all may be wondering why I am posting about toques and sweaters when the winter scene is now behind us, and I will explain. Winter is coming. Ha, I had to say it. I love working on projects ahead of each season so that I know that I can get them done in time. With that being said, there is something so clean and fresh about each of these five projects that make me so excited about the coming fall and winter seasons. I think the baby booties would make adorable baby shower gifts, I would curl up with a book and that sweater, and the toque would be fantastic to take camping - I would feel so pretty & stylish even when my hair is knotted and my makeup gone.

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