Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Grassi Lakes and a Great Horned Owl

Hello, everyone. Today I wanted to share with you a few photographs that I took this weekend. My little family decided to bless me this Mother's Day by bringing me to the mountains. Oh, how I love the mountains. With suitcases and a car full, we ventured off to Canmore & Banff. Sadly, I did not take as many pictures as I would have normally liked (due to rain and how little time we had), however, I am pleased with what I was able to capture. I feel like this little trip was rich full of stories, priceless moments, hysterical laughter, and seeing things through the eyes of a child. Here is only a teaser of what we saw.
It was my first time hiking at Grassi Lakes and I am so glad that we decided to do it. Resting at the top of a very short 2km hike were two beautiful lakes that were absolutely gorgeous. Just look at how clear they are!
Grassi Lake is known for its climbing, yet another reason for us to come and visit again.

This man with his dog was so funny during the hike. I snapped this picture of him as he tried to wrestle his dog out of the water, laughing the entire time. I thought for sure the dog was going to pull him in.
Can you see him? As it started to rain, Bug and I found some trees to sit under when we noticed a few people pointing to a cave nestled in the mountain side. Looking in the direction we found a beautiful creature who was, at the moment, taking a snooze. I am so very happy that he didn't mind a little rain during his nap. A fellow hiker told me that he was a Great Horned and I sat in awe.
A couple minutes later it decided to pour heavily and we rushed down the mountain. Sitting in a Starbucks in Canmore, we waited out the rain then headed off to our campsite.

Bug loved our little campsites. She walked everywhere and brought me all of the little treasures that she found. 
Bug fell asleep that night on a hammock and did not stir as I got her dressed into her pjs.
The next morning we headed into the Banff townsite to do a little bit of shopping before our drive home. It was such a great, short trip. I love the idea of spending Mother's Day out in the mountains. Banff wasn't full of tourists, the morning air was crisp, and everyone was happy to be hiking out in rain or shine.

We have a lot of hiking & camping trips planned this summer and I am hoping to do a much better documenting the trip with my camera. Until then, I leave you with the next two photographs taken with my iPhone - mountains peeking out of clouds. Stunning.

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