Monday, May 25, 2015

Four Mondays Of : H A I R

Today I wanted to talk about hair. I am so bad with the concept of doing my hair. I like tolive in top knots. I know, I know, top knots are not a horrible thing - there is a time a place for top knots; at the gym, going to bed, even going to run errands. My problem is that I am not satisfied with my top knot. I have pretty, long hair and I want to play with it. I always dream of learning different kind of plaits (braids), buns, messy hair, curls, and I never DO IT. So I am just going to try, and if I fail, well at least I tried. 
I have really been loving plaits lately. There just seems to be so much that you can do with a braid. This girl really knows how to do her hair and I admire her for that. She makes me want to grow my hair our, long and beautiful, tied up in a plait. Total eye candy. I am going to try.

For my look today I tied a very soft french braid on the side with half of my hair. I then braided the other half normally and brought the braid around the back of my head. I brought both ends together and made it into a messy bun. Not perfect, but I like it better than a top knot. P. S Don't mind the bald spot - its a scar. :)
Four Mondays Of - is a new series that will be dedicated to certain topics or learning process that I don't want to fit into one post. It is a way to make themes and to play around. If you know of any plait tutorials or fun hairstyles I should try, I would love to hear of them. I want to say no to the easy top knot, and play with my hair. Have a great Monday. 

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