Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ensemble : My Golden Glow of Motherhood

A few weeks ago now, my dearest & oldest friend, with her two children in tow, came to visit me for a much needed get together. It had been so long since I had a heart-to-heart, that as soon as I reached out to her, my Lauren quickly came up with a plan to visit me. That is my Lauren. Always there for me, no matter what, no matter where. 
After hours of conversation and little girl giggles, we ventured outdoors in search of leftover sunshine from the warm hours before to play in. What we discovered was the glow of golden hour. What my friend Lauren captured on camera is the insurmountable love I have for my daughter. Take a look. 
Lauren is my bosom friend whose talent for photography is impeccable. Not only did she make me feel stunningly beautiful, but she managed to capture the joy I feel of being Bug's mother perfectly. I look at these pictures in absolute awe and I am so thankful for that golden hour memory. 

Lauren Hamm is currently booking sessions and I recommend her completely. She will find what you love, seek your heart, and learn your joys, and she will capture it for all the world to see. "I love to capture the fleeting moments in which human beings are at their most vulnerable, their most truthful. I want those images to be more than just photos. I want them to be a reminder of what is real, what is beautiful, and what is the most authentic."


  1. You are so lovely. Lauren is incredibly talented!

    1. She is so talented! I highly recommend her!!