Wednesday, May 13, 2015

DIY Mini Journals

Happy Wednesday. Today I thought it was time to share with you all a little DIY project. It has been far too long since I posted one and so today, I am going to be talking about mini journals! It all started when one of my leather journals broke and I was left with gorgeous handmade paper and no idea what to use it for. After a while of humming & hawing, I decided to use it as it was originally created for. Journals. I decided not to just make one tthough, but six different kinds, using scrapbook paper as a fun cover page. Here is how I fashioned them together.
-Writing paper for journal
-Scrapbook paper
-Paper cutter/scissors
-Craft knife
Since the paper was already the appropriate size I needed, I took the scrapbook paper and measured it out so that it would be slightly larger than the handmade paper.
Using the craft knife I made holes in every single layer so that I would be able to create a binding with the string. There were little holes from where the binding was before, although I changed them slightly so that they would be evenly spaced.
I then took a needle and thread and figured out a binding method that worked for the journals. In the inside of the journal, I went through the top hole with the needle down to the hole below. I then proceeded to go back to the top hole, repeating this four times. I then took the needle, on the inside of the book, and went down to the second last hole (or third hole) and repeated everything that I did on the top two holes. I cut off the string and tied little knots on the inside so that it would stay put.
I really think these journals are too cute for words. I cannot wait to make more of these and now have a perfectly good excuse to buy more scrapbook paper. Right? Right!?! xo

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