Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Toddler Bites: Weekly Bug Food

Recently I have been digging through the archives of some of my favourite bloggers, looking at their old posts, their old photographs. I found a great little series that Bleubird wrote about what her toddler ate. Her nickname was Birdie so James called the series Bird Food and I was in love. Their post was great because it gave readers a taste of what Birdie ate on a day-to-day basis. Perfect for someone like me who runs out of ideas so quickly. I find that since I have eyeballed this series, Bug & I both have been eating so much better. Its is motivation to choose healthier options when you "have" to photography it. :)

This is our little take on what our toddler eats. Bug Food.
* Note this is over the course of a week, not daily. :) 
Lunch. Macaroni with tomato sauce, pork chop pieces, cucumber slices.
Supper. Spaghetti squash, beans, cucumber slices with hummus.
 Snack. Rice cake with hummus, grapes.
 Snack. Popcorn, feta, peanutbutter sandwich.
 Supper. Plum, cheese, crackers, tuna. 

These plates are full, Bug eats so much. The only thing so far that I have found that she will refuse to eat has been broccoli, and that was so long ago now so next grocery shop I am going to buy some more just to see if she still doesn't care for it. Everything is above doesn't have any sauce or spice to it, other than the pasta which I just put diced tomato sauce - no sugar, no salt, no spice. I find Bug eats tons more if the food isn't seasoned, which is great because I prefer it that way too.
Let me know what you guys think! What does your toddler like to eat? What foods should we try next, Bug would love to know! xoxo


  1. This was super helpful!! Can't wait to try these ideas with our little ones! Thankyou!

    1. You are Most Welcome! I am so glad you enjoyed them. xo