Friday, May 01, 2015

April Favourites

Welcome To May, everyone! We are having such a lovely day today and the sun is finally beginning to shine which makes me so very happy! April was such a good month to me. Not only was it my birthday (which is always so wonderful), but it just seemed like Spring was really going to stick around. Total mind boost. I am so happy and May just looks like it is going to be an even better month.

Without giving too much away, I can definitely say that I have a couple more Maker Series planned for May. As well as some DIY - I realized that I didn't write about any DIY projects for the month of April! what? Sorry about that - I was busy ... er .. um ... I have no excuses. I think April was more focused on spending time outside, and writing, and connecting with others that I didn't even think about taking out some paint or crafts. However, I am already in the middle of many projects in hopes to finish them off for May! WOO! The Hubby and I have some travel/hike plans this month so there will be some nature pictures. I also have another secret project that I am trying to get going. It is so time consuming so I am not 100% sure if you will see that in May or in June. We shall see. However, one thing I can promise is that tomorrow (Saturday May 2) I have a very special announcement on the blog - so if you would like to hear more about that - check back tomorrow! Woo. (I may have had too much coffee this morning.)

Now a little look back into April at your top ten favourite posts to read about plus a reminder of the lovely Giveaway we are currently having here on the blog.
 The Maker Series: Frostbeard
 Dining Room Tour & London Fog Recipe
Don't forget about our lovely Maggie Giveaway! I will be announcing the winner on May 4th, so you still have time to enter. Click here for details! 
I love you all. Thank you so much for taking the time to read the Knotted home. It means so much to me. I hope you all have a wonderful May! xoxo

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