Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Shopping Guide: Turning 25

It just clicked in a couple days ago that I have a birthday coming up. Yay! I will be turning 25 and, to be completely honest with you all, I am actually looking forward to this birthday. I am not a huge birthday party girl, I would much rather celebrate quietly and pretend like its just another day. This year is different though. I kind of want to walk around with my head up this birthday. 25 just seems like a big deal to me, ha.

I thought it would be a lot of fun to put together a shopping guide for females. Not everyone is easy to shop for, even though women do claim that they are a lot easier than men, so I thought this would be a helpful tool in case any of you, dear readers, have someone to shop for. Here are all of my favorite shops and items on Etsy that I have fallen head over heels in love with and, if they are anything like me, even the tinest little bit, I am sure they will love at least some of these ideas.

I hope you enjoy. xo
1. I need all the help in Photoshop that I can get, this course looks absolutely amazing.
2. I am a Lushie! I want all of these and so much more.
3. This infinity scarf is to die for! I just love the look of it.
5. Nerd Girl Yarns? Yes please. The names and the colors are amazing.
7. A lovely dish towel for my kitchen.
8. I love this print so much.
10. This camera strap would make me want to wear my camera around my neck as a fashion statement.
11. I have heard so many good things from both of these books. On my list.
13. Coffee cards! I want to frame these for my coffee bar.
14. I love the print on this blanket scarf.
15. Okay, okay, you caught me, this one would be for Bug, but how wonderful!
16. This journal is lovely.
17. I need this poster in my life! I even know where I would put it!
19. Please don't make me choose only one out of these six candles.
21. This is the perfect vase for me.
22. I need to add these syrups to the coffee bar.
23. A wonderful to-go mug for a photo shoot.
24. I have been collecting records slowly, yet have nothing to play it on.
25. The last two photos are together, aren't these air plants amazing? I think so. Made in Alberta

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