Saturday, April 11, 2015

Project 365 // Days 95 - 101

Day 95. On Easter Sunday, lovely family members came over to cook us an Easter dinner. It was so good and I felt so spoiled by all the love we received that weekend. I even got the lovely flowers down below. How nice! 
Day 96. Bug loves to move these pinwheels all over the yard. It is so cute. 
Day 97. Cooking breakfast for three.
Day 98. We love coloring in this house. LOVE IT. It's almost silly of me to even put them away during nap tme.
Day 99. Another dvd project that I need to sit down and accomplish. All of our children dvd's need to be alphabetized. I was going to do this while waiting for my friend to arrive for a much needed visit, but I didn't. Oops.
Day 100. Pretty little drawings from wonderful friends. Bug got some lovely butterflies added to her butterfly corner. Oh, and a family portrait!!
Day 101. This dress is adorable, I cannot wait for Bug to wear it. I want one in my size!

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