Thursday, April 30, 2015

Project 365 // Days 115 - 121

Day 115. Bug likes to workout with me. Her favourite is when I jog in place (she stomps, stomps stomps) and when I do plank (she bear crawls).
Day 116. We are babysitting a fish named Spark. He is lovely.
Day 117. Chalk art on a tree, I celebrated my birthday with my family.
Day 118. We are moving. JUST KIDDING. Our washing machine broke so we had to move all of our storage into the living room.
Day 119. A pretty little DIY that I will be posting on the blog soon.
Day 120. Baking something sweet for the Husband.
Day 121. I had to take a picture of Hubby's doughnut this morning, the coconut was so pretty.

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