Thursday, April 16, 2015

Project 365 // Days 102 - 107

Happy Thursday, everyone! I hope you are having a lovely week. It has been a lovely one for us; enjoying the sun, new experiences and funny moments. The husband is done classes and just needs to study for exams so it has been so nice to have him around a little more. That makes me very happy. :)
I have decided that I am going to start posting my Project 365 on Thursdays instead of Saturdays. I am wanting to get into the habit of posting Monday - Friday and Thursdays just seemed to be the perfect day to post such a project. I hope you all enjoy this little collection of photographs and feel free to click here to see the other photos from this challenge.

 Day 102. My husband laughed at me as I stopped to take a picture of Alphabet crackers on the ground. Bug had spilled them and I thought they looked kind of neat. Maybe I am slightly crazy?
Day 103. We took Bug to the library for the first time (that she was able to walk around and actually pull books off the shelves). She didn't quite get the concept that we could bring books home with us but she loved playing with the toys they had. I am going to try and make it a weekly habit to get to the library and to pick books out for her until she can pick her own.
Day 104. On a beautiful evening, we decided that we should go for a family walk to enjoy the rest of the sunshine. Bug loves for walks and I am pretty sure, that if we let her, she would live outside 24/7. Her favorite thing to do is to collect rocks.
Day 105. These flowers are my friends, but they were so beautiful that I had to take a picture of them.
Day 107. A little teaser of ... ABOVE the coffee bar! Hooray, I finally got all of my shelves up. Soon I will have a little home tour of the coffee bar area as well as my dining room. Stay tuned. :)

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