Thursday, April 02, 2015

March Favourites

Happy April, everyone!!
It is mind blowing to me that we are almost a quarter of our way through 2015 already. Just crazy. I know they say life goes fast once you have a kid - but this is ridiculous. Even still, I am so ready for warmer weather, some thunderstorms, puddle jumping and, of course, spring flowers!

There are so many lovely posts that I have planned for April including my Undertaking Creativity & Happiness Project series. I also have a few Maker Series lined up (click here to read the first one of the month involvingFrostbeard!!!), some lovely DIY projects and, to top it all off, its my birthday on the 26th! I am going to be turning 25 and I am so excited. I feel like turning 25 is a big deal. ha. With that being said, I would love love LOVE to do another giveaway on the blog as a way of celebrating my birthday with you all. I haven't decided yet on what it will be, but be ready. :) It will be lovely. (Let me know if you have any questions regarding giveaways)

I know this roundup is a bit late, normally I write it on the last day of the month, however, Bug and I went on a impromptu trip to the country for a day and a half of relaxation and family visiting. It was so nice to get away from our apartment life for even a little while. I was hoping to continue blogging while I was away from my home, but as I struggled to write out a couple posts I realized that it would be better to give myself a break rather than force something out that I would not be happy with. And now I am back! Here are the top five posts from March. I hope you enjoy. xo.

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