Friday, April 17, 2015

Dining Room/Coffee Bar Tour + London Fog Recipe

The day has finally arrived, I am sharing more home pictures! I do not like how long it took me to get to where we are today, however, we are here! My shelves are up and I feel like I can actually show off my home a little more. If you like room tours, than keep reading. I hope you enjoy.
I love these shelves so much. We were pretty limited with where we could place them as the last people who lived here really messed up the wall. Now most of the holes are hidden and I love how much colour I can place on the shelves. 
Coloured vases, paper flowers, paper crane, t-light log - DIY's. 
Blue Mug, Green Pear, Flower Mugs, Teapot, Dried flowers & pinecones - Thrift store finds, gifts or nature finds. 
 Coffee bar and dining room combo. Excuse the stroller, we went for a walk earlier.
Above Photo: the view from the coffee bar into the living room. 

Lovely story. My grandma didn't want the stripped pillows (picture below) and she gave them to me. I think the colours are amazing and work so well with our couch and blue pillows. What do you guys think? Husband says there are too many pillows on the couch now, I disagree - the more pillows the better, right?
Here is the view of the coffee bar and bookshelf from the couch. 
Now time for some tea! I was talking with a friend the other day about latte and other coffee recipes and it dawned on me that I have never shared a coffee recipe on the blog. After working/volunteering for three coffee bar (barista) jobs, I think its high time that I share the recipes that I have learned to make. I miss being a barista and working with coffee (that is half the reason why we bought an espresso machine in the first place) so I would love to have this as a weekly feature. Let me know if there is a certain kind of recipe that you would like to know how to make - I would love to take pictures and talk about it here.

London Fog Recipe.
- Earl Grey Teabag
- Hot water
- Milk
- Vanilla syrup

Place the teabag into your mug and boil some water in a kettle. Add enough water to cover the teabag, you want the tea to start to steep as you prepare the milk.

Take the milk and place into a microwavable container if you don't know a steamer or you can place it into a stainless steal pitcher. Steam your milk (or microwave it) until its a desired temperature. I also tip the steamer wand so that its half out of the milk, this action creates foam. I love foam.

I don't have a thermometer at the moment, so I give it the old finger test - if I can put my finger in it but its too hot to keep it there for very long, that's the perfect temperature for me. (Do note, you can burn milk, make sure you keep an eye on it).

Pour a little of the milk into the steeping tea. Time to add the syrup! I add about two pumps out of my vanilla syrup, however, this step is another desired action. Put as much in as you want. If you don't have a pump on your syrup I find 1/4 oz - 1/2 oz to be perfect.

Add a little more of your milk to your cup and your foam! You can also take out the teabag at this point if you don't want your London Fog to be too strong. I keep my teabag in.

This step is the most important: enjoy!
I hope you enjoyed this home tour, recipe combo. I really do enjoy talking about these types of topics and I hope to share more of them on the blog. I have a couple more home tours planned and, as for the coffee, who doesn't love a good coffee recipe? Let me know what you thought of this space of mine. I would love to hear from you. Have a wonderful weekend. xo.

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