Monday, April 20, 2015

Bug's Five Favorite Books: 16 Months

Our family is huge into reading. We just love books. I cannot remember when I started to first love reading, however, I have so many memories of going to the library, reading in a huge chair we had in our living room, or by flashlight under the covers. Even to the outdoors I would bring a book. Now, when I have so many things to do or places to go, I carry a book with me constantly. I married a reader. I worked in a bookstore. And now, I am so forever thankful, that our little toddler is in love with books too. We read every single day, all day, and sometimes we even read the same book over & over & over again. We will have our entire library memorized soon, I think. :) But I don't mind. And when I do, thank goodness we have a library that we can check out new books out of.

Since my Bug is huge into reading right now, and that I cannot seem to finish a book since I am so busy, I thought it would be a lot of fun to put together a write up of her favorite books as far. A Toddler book review if you will. I will be mentioning five books today that are Bug's go to picks. They are the books that we read more than the others. If you have any recommendations that you think we should try out, please leave a comment down below. I would love to pick them up and see if they become Bug's favorites too. We always need more books. Enjoy.
1. My ABC of God Loves Me. This is probably Bug's favorite book ever. To start off with, it has a handle! Handles are amazing to Bug and she carries this one around all the time. One of the main reasons she first started loving this book was when I showed her all the cats and dogs that were on each page. She loves animals. Now as I rhyme and read to her, she points to them. The pages are colorful and busy which helped keep her interest in the beginning, and now its one of the books that she will give me to read while she plays near by. She just likes listening to the words.
2. Hedgehog. This book is the cutest little book ever. Its all about the habits and life of this little hedgehog. I sing this book to Bug and it lives in our diaper bag. Too cute. 
3. Little Quack's Hide & Seek. This is a really neat counting book. Five little ducks play hide and seek with their mother and, on the pages in which they hide, there is a counter that shows how many ducks are left. So cute, so funny. We quack on each page. Bug loves to quack. This is one of the books we read over & over & over again.
4. Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Who doesn't love this book? I think it is really close to my heart as I remember reading it to my brother so many times. There was a point that I actually thought I taught him how to read, it turns out he just memorized the book. The stinker. Now Bug loves it and I really do enjoy reading it to her. The husband has also memorized it so Bug can go at her own pace of flipping pages as he recites it to her. I love seeing my family read together.
5. Good Morning, Canada. Bug just got this book for her first birthday. It is amazing. The illustrations on this book are gorgeous and it really brings together the symbols and love I know and have for Canada. So great. We also have 'Goodnight, Canada' by Andrea Beck which is also amazing. I highly, highly, highly recommend this book. Take a look at the illustrations, so gorgeous.
I hope you all enjoyed Bug's top five books at the moment. Like I mentioned above, I would love to hear any recommendations that you may have in the comments below. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful Monday. 

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