Friday, April 24, 2015

Bathroom Tour: Creating Storage in a Tiny Space

I finally added a couple of cute pieces to our bathroom and am overall pleased with how it looks. I thought I would share with you the little touches, however, I am not sure how exciting a bathroom tour is. If you hate this idea, you definitely do not need to continue reading.

Our bathroom is extremely small and we hardly have any storage for it. A lot of my bath products (hairspray, extra bubble bath, etc) are stored in our bedroom, but I still try to add small storage pieces into the bathroom itself to help out. The first item you will notice is the basket that is placed on the back of the toilet, this holds my lotion, face soap, Husband's contact solution, and washcloths. This basket has been a life saver. It and the cupboard below hold a lot of different products - I may be a bit of a soap hoarder collector.
Before we got married, my husband bought two lovely posters that I absolutely adore. I finally found a place to put the "An American in Paris" poster and I am so thrilled with how it looks. You can click here to see where we placed the other poster - Take Me Out To The Ball Game.
I was out exploring a few antique stores, about three years ago now, and found the tin you see in these pictures. I love it and couldn't pass it up. It has stored everything from q-tips to little perfume bottles. In this apartment it is the keeper of contact cases and lotions. I love how it is decorative as well as storage.
The mini soaps are actually from our wedding, little party favors. Lavender for me and a mint for my husband. Such a cute personal element that makes me so happy.
We bought a couple of units to help keep our bathroom organized as well. A little stick-on bin for Bug's toys has been a huge space saver. We also got this large metal storage unit to hold our shampoos and my face masks, conditioners, body wash, bubble bath.
As you can tell, I have the most bath/body products in the entire house, and I don't mind.  I love anything that smells pretty. The only thing annoying is not being able to have a place to put them so that I can see them all. The shower shelf definitely helps. Bug's shelf, the bottom one, is currently empty as we just finished using up her body wash last night. Maybe I will take it over until we buy her some new product. ;)
There you have it, our very small, tiny, little, itty-bitty bathroom. The new elements that I added was the tin and poster - things we had in storage that I recently found. I really think it adds a little more personality to the room which makes me feel like it is finished. Of course, there are little tweaks and DIY's that I would do if I wasn't renting, but for now, I am pleased.

Do you, dear readers, have to deal with tiny bathrooms and little storage? I would love to hear about any storage tips or DIY projects that you have made for your tiny space.

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