Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Whole Wheat & Sugar Free Banana Pancakes

For those of you who do not know, I have been on a hunt to find recipes that are healthy for my daughter Bug. As a family, we decided that we needed to start limiting the amount of sugar that we eat/drink on a daily basis. Between the winter weather and the amount of comfort food we had consumed, we started becoming exhausted and moody. Since we couldn't change the weather (darn!) we decided to change our diets and that is where we are today: searching and hunting for healthy, wholesome choices for our family. 
The first shocker was finding out that EVERYTHING has ridiculous amounts of sugar in it, including baby/toddler foods and snacks. That is when I started to realize that there is no easy way out when it comes to food - I cannot buy nutritional food that I feel 100% good about her consuming. Now I am on an adventure to find amazing toddler friendly recipes and here is one that I found. 
I made these this morning with the hopes that Bug would, at the very least, try them. I wasn't sure how they would taste without any sugar in them so I was a little worried, but determined to find a nice and easy snack for her to eat. They turned out SO good! The pancakes (you can find the recipe here) are so moist, so sweet, and surprisingly filling. Bug ate two of them easily and is now down for a nap - which I would like to think as a food coma. I also had one and I am surprisingly pleased. These are going to be a new snack staple for our home. My plan is to make a bunch and then freeze them, bringing them out whenever we need a little healthy carb fix. I highly recommend checking out the recipe and even if you don't have a toddler or any children, these pancakes are really tasty for adults. xoxo 

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