Monday, March 23, 2015

Toddler Art: What Bug Has Been Doing Lately

There are days, especially now that it snowed again, that we have been cooped up seeking ways to entertain each other without turning on the television. There is only so much that we can do in our tiny apartment; the joy of reading books and playing with assorted figurines eventually wears thin even for a toddler.
A couple of weeks ago I gave Bug some paper and a pencil just to see what she would do. I showed her how the pencil makes lines and squiggles when she puts it on the notepad and she took to it quickly. Now drawing has become a favorite thing of hers to do and crayons have now entered the picture where I am finding them EVERYWHERE - even in the diaper bag. When she has had enough with colouring, crayons have become part of her assorted toys that she plays with. So far she hasn't discovered that she can draw on anything but her notepad and whatever else I have given her, however, I am watching her close - just in case. I am going to show a couple of things that we have been up to lately.

An Art Box
I got this idea off of Pinterest and this is now Bug's art box. It is a box where she can just sit and draw and colour and be. She spends most of her afternoon in this box, even if she isn't drawing she is sitting and playing. I love this idea and I love seeing how more and more colour is getting added to it or more pencil line. Even Bug's friend who isn't quite into drawing yet loves to sit in the box.

Assistant Camera Man
I am slightly joking about this but not really. Every time I bring my camera out, Bug is there waiting for me to let her touch it. I don't let her play with it, but I have let her hold it, touch it and see what it does. She models for me and she loves looking back to see herself in the little screen. I cannot wait until she is old enough to understand that if she sees something she likes, she can take a picture of it.

This was something new this week that I introduced to Bug. I wasn't sure if she would just want to eat it or if she would somewhat understand the concept of playdough. She did really well. Her favorite thing was when I round the playdough into a ball and then pressed her hand into it to flatten it. She didn't play for it as long as she does when she colours, but its a start. I would love to hear any other ideas. This little girl seems to be learning so fast and growing even faster, it is hard for me to keep up with her some days.

Things We Want To Try:
- Edible slime? Yes please!
- and this paint too!
- This is really cute.
- What a neat idea if you end up with too many drawings etc.
- Even more art projects!

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