Thursday, March 26, 2015

Self Portrait / 13

"a portrait of myself, once a week, every week, in 2015."

I thought about just smiling in front of the camera today, but that's really not me. I usually prefer to make the silliest of faces, especially when someone else is taking the picture. I really want to make them laugh. Sometimes they end up annoyed, but hey, why take life so seriously? :)

I have been having the craziest of weeks. It has been a week of connecting with others, and learning more about myself, playing with Bug, and trying to live life to its fullest. With all the wonderfulness, I have also had my anxiety creep back up. Not good and I have been trying to get that sort that out. It always seems to come back when I get busy or start shifting out of my comfort zone; its good to leave the zone, but anxiety still sucks. I might even right a blog post about ways I deal with it if you are interested - I would love to be able to possibly help if any of you also deal with anxiety. Regardless, Life Is Good. God Is Good. My Family is amazing. We are healthy, busy, and smiling. Or making goofy faces. 

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