Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ready For Spring - A Living Room Tour

Hello lovelies. I was sitting in my living room this morning and I thought that it was time to share a living room update with you all. It has changed a bit since the last home tour I posted and I am finding that I love this room more and more. I feel like it is finally as I want it to be. It makes me so happy to sit in this room and read or watch a movie. I feel like the only thing that could make this room better would be more plants - and I hope to get more soon.
This is the view of my living room from our front door.
Bug's little play area. She loves rugs, so we decided to get her one to make this area cozy for her.
We put the majority of our DVD's into a binder, but there were a few boxed sets that we just couldn't destroy.
I am so into Downton Abbey at the moment. Have you ever seen it?
We decided to move the guitar to the other wall because it worked better with the way we arranged our furniture.
I love this picture so much. It is so cozy looking.
My mother bought these flowers for Bug and I weeks ago and they are still amazing.
 We have coasters, games and books on our coffee table.
The books I usually go for when arranging my coffee table tray are ones that either start up conversations, make someone laugh, or dream.  
This is my little corner in the living room. I love having this chair near the window. Perfect for reading, blogging, and writing. This is the corner that I would like to add more plants. I was thinking of hanging a few from the ceiling and a friend suggested that I find a tall enough plant stand to stick behind my white chair. I love both ideas and cannot decide what to do. What do you think?
I just love these origami cubes. They add such a fun element to the corner.
A close up of my little table. Knitting, scentsy, Frostbeard and these buttons!
I have owned this picture for a few years and when Hubby and I were talking about what kind of art to put here, it was the first to come to mind. I love this piece.  
There it is, my living room as of now. I am so happy with it. I feel like it is functional, cozy, full of colour and plant life. Especially since we are entering spring, I feel like it is so important to bring it plants and colour into a room. It really helps make me feel happy and creative.

There are a couple more home tours that I have planned for this month. Just waiting on finishing up a couple little things and I will be able to post them. I hope you like these little home tours.

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