Saturday, March 21, 2015

Project 365 // Days 74 - 80

Day 74. I have finished reading Charlotte's Web to Bug on Sunday and so we were very excited to pick out a new book. I laid her choices out for her and she grabbed Jacob Two Two & The High Seas. I love buying children's chapter books - all of these were purchased in a thrift store, except for Jacob Two Two and Alice in Wonderland - which were gifts.
  Day 75. I have been very pleased with the artwork that we have been finding homes for on our walls. I feel like this apartment has way more personality than any of our homes before. Isn't the chalkboard the cutest?
Day 76. Our family has really gotten into smoothies lately, Bug included. Actually I think Bug loves them more than I do, I am sure she could drink them all day, every day. Especially the spinach smoothies.
Day 77. Bug is really into lavender bubble baths with all of her bath toys accessible to her. She loves to make big splashes with her hands and pretend to drink out of her tea cup (not shown in this picture).
Day 78. I love this little project I did for Bug's room. I think it adds so much to her little space. Its a little more suited for a little toddler lady. You can check out the DIY here.
Day 79. Happy first day of Spring, hey? Although I don't mind this bit of snow. The last few weeks have reminded me of the joy of Spring, I know its going to come soon enough.
Day 80. Sometimes yarn gets tangled. It happens when I start too many projects at once and then throw them all together in one bag. Silly of me, I know, I am just thankful I have a husband who doesn't mind untangling.
I hope your week has been amazing. Thank you so much for reading.

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