Sunday, March 15, 2015

Project 365 // Days 67 - 73

Day 67. Bug loves to play peek-a-boo and one of her favorite ways to play is by sticking her head between my calves so that I cannot see her face. She stays there until I say out loud, "Where's Bug," and then she pops her head out to where I can see it and calls "a-boo."
Day 68. It was a beautiful day out on Monday so we decided to take advantage and go grocery shopping. Of course, about fifteen minutes in to our outing the rain came. I was too excited for Spring so I didn't even think to bring a jacket and I quickly became freezing. My husband had plans to buy me a hoodie anyways so we took a detour and bought this gem. It was much needed and greatly appreciated. I absolutely love it. I needed a good, pretty hoodie.
Day 69. I am just loving having the ukulele and the guitar on a different wall. Not only am I no longer accidentally hitting the guitar, but having it sit on the opposite wall of the couch is lovely. I love showing off their beauty and only wish the wall was white so that the guitars would pop even more.
Day 70. It was so much fun making these hanging chalkboards. I am on the look out for some chalkboard paint so that I can write little pretty messages on them. 
Day 71. A dear friend had found an end table at a garage sale last summer and we discovered, much later, that it matched the one my mom gave me. When my friend wanted to change up her guest bedroom she asked if I wanted it and I couldn't say no. Right not it is serving as a little craft storage corner in our bedroom, but I have plans to paint them the same color and give them the same drawer knob. I think it would be very cute if these became Bug's end tables one day.  
Day 72. Yarn messes and slipped stitches: some days are more productive than others. I am working on a few patterns that I have kept in my head. I find my head is getting to full and now they need to come out. 
Day 73. We are almost finished Charlotte's Web. We went through a couple of weeks of not reading simply because Bug's interest was not there. Now it is back and we have been reading like crazy. Only two chapters left. Bug is going to miss Wilbur, but I am excited at the idea of reading something new. I cannot decide what the next book will be. I am torn between Wizard of Oz, the Borrowers, or Jacob Two Two. I am definitely missing the books that I have in storage today, there are so many options to read to Bug in those dusty boxes so far away.

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