Saturday, March 07, 2015

Project 365 // Days 60 - 66

If you would like to take a look at the other photos in my Project 365, you can click here to view them.
60. According to Bug my running shoe now lives here.
61. I couldn't get a clear photo of Bug drawing, but she is drawing!! So grown up. She loves it. 
62. These flowers are doing amazing. If you have me on Instagram you have probably seen a ton of pictures of these flowers. I love them. 
63. Crocheter selfie - Worked on a design for a cowl and it turned out so cute. 
 64. This is what our last 24 hours have looked like. Lots of cuddles. Lots of Bubble Guppies.
65. I made myself a pretty little mood board - I needed some spring inspiration. 
66. Now that Bug is feeling better we may need to go for a walk. Just look at the lack of snow.

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