Friday, March 20, 2015

My Flower Pressing Adventure

When my mom was here last she brought Bug and I a beautiful bouquet of gerbera daisies. They were pink and huge and gorgeous, and the best part was that they lasted forever! They enjoyed our little apartment and getting smelled by a fifteen month old every day. Maybe that's the trick, they need a child to smell them.
Even though they were beautiful in life, I was extremely excited when they started to wilt. I had plans for these beauties and I couldn't wait to get started. I wanted to press them so that I can display them in frames. 
Normally, the rule when flower pressing is to not wait until the item that you are pressing has wilted. Only because the flower is not at its prettiest - the flower press WILL NOT make your flower prettier. However, for the project I have in mind, I wanted them to be a bit beat up. I even pulled petals from one flower so that I could have a naked stem.
Before I placed them in my flower pressed, I grabbed some white paper and put the daisies on top of it, placing them in the position that I wanted them to stay forever. I then grabbed another white piece of paper and put it on top. Using heavy books I smooshed gently sat it on the flowers. I wanted to make sure that my flowers wouldn't become to destroyed by the press, and this was the method I chose. I left them in that position for 24 hours. If it had been leaves or flowers that were more on the flat side, I would have put them in the press immediately.
Once the 24 hours were up, I grabbed my flower press so that I could place the daisies inside. I was so surprised with what I discovered in my press that I had completely forgotten about.
The two pictures below are some examples of plants that didn't press to well. The first picture has fragments of flowers that have gotten stuck. I think it looks so abstract and beautiful. The second has petals that had been torn off. Again, I think they are stunning and I am still planning on using them.
Once I got over the other flowers, I began to place the daisies onto the press.
Closing it up tight, I am going to put this press somewhere where I will not completely forget about it like last time. These flowers will stay in here for at least two weeks, maybe even longer. I cannot wait to play with them and document how they turned out.
I am definitely not an expert when it comes to pressing flowers and leaves, but I certainly love it. I think its such a neat little hobby. Do any of you like to press flowers? I would love to hear any tips and tricks you may have. This is definitely something I hope to get Bug into one day. xo Happy First Day Of Spring.

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