Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March Inspiration

Lately I have been inspired by so many wonderful bloggers and photographs on Pinterest. It has been a great month of finding home makeovers and craft projects, so I thought why not share a few that have made me smile, gotten my creative wheels turning, or that are on my to-do when we have a home to do them in. Here they are.
1. I am in LOVE with the pop of color against the beautiful wood counter tops and white walls. I would love to have this kitchen.
2. This bookcase is INCREDIBLE. I am definitely going to get my father to make me a bookcase when we have a house.
3. An artist embroiders places that she has visit rather than photographing them. So cool.
4. This duvet cover is perfect for Spring.
5. I want this to be my office so bad. I love that desk, the stool, the greenery! Swoon.
6. These flowers are amazing and so is this blog post.
7. Map wall!! Ahh!
8. These eggs are beautiful - I might need to attempt this for my dining room table.
 I haven't found the correct link for 5. if you know of it, please let me know so that I can credit them properly. 

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