Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ensemble - Here is Where You'll Find Me

We got a cold burst of winter snow last week and I find it funny how quickly my body had adjusted to the warmer weather. Now I am back to wearing sweaters and slippers, drinking hot tea, and sitting in the sunlight whenever I can. 
If you peeked in my window, this is where you will find me; curled up with a good book or playing the ukulele. I am singing about summer and I am reading myself into a story of a world that is far away from winter. The spring air is still lingering here, however; it whispers "we are almost there" and smells of tulips. The sun begins to shine and the snow beings to melt, Bug and I watch from our window with eager eyes and antsy toes. Soon, soon, the ground will be ours again and we will explore once more. Until then, here we are, waiting for Spring to come.

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