Friday, March 13, 2015

DIY Hanging Chalkboard

Happy Friday! Today I wanted to share with you a little chalkboard DIY that I have been playing with. Last summer I made little chalkboards out of wood slabs (wood cookies, I like to call them) and thought they were so cute when sitting on a bookshelf. After getting inspiration from my mom, I decided to try another approach. Little hanging chalkboards! I think they are adorable and below I have my whole process documented.
A huge thank you to my father for cutting these for me. I could not have done this process without you. The first step is to sand the life out of the wood. I used two different sanding papers: coarse and fine. It didn't take too long to sand them, however it was extremely messy. I am so glad that I did that outside. Hooray for warm weather.
I primed the wood cookies with a sealer before I used the chalkboard paint: I found both at my local hardware store. Both of these liquids are ridiculously stinky so I would also recommend doing this outside.
 Make sure they are completely dry before putting chalk to them.  
Below is a picture of a chalkboard I made last year. If you don't want to have them hang on a wall or a door this is a stopping point. They are so cute on a bookshelf or in a nursery. I made one for Bug that you can see here.
I bought some twine and screw eyes to start the hanging process. You will also need pliers to make sure that the screw eyes are on tight. I bought the twine and screw eyes also at a local hardware store.
This step is pretty tedious so I recommend watching some TV while doing it. Pretty Little Liars, Downton Abbey & the 100 are shows that I am currently into at the moment.
I started out by poking a hole into the wood with the screw and then twisted it to the point where it would stand by itself.
 I used pliers to continue twisting it so that it would be nice and secure.
Take your twine (Or whatever you want to use to hang the chalkboard) and figure out how long you want them to hang from the hook on the wall. I didn't want mine to be too long.
Secure them onto your chalkboards by tying a bow. I think the bow adds a really cute element to them.
I had a lot of fun putting this project together. I love how mine sits on the wall (see the very first photo in the post), so cute. Now I just need to think of the perfect thing to write on it. I hope you enjoyed this DIY and that it has inspired you in some way. xo

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