Thursday, March 19, 2015

DIY Embroidery Hoop Art

Hello. Today I thought I would share a little DIY that I did for Bug's room today. I haven't been pleased with my art choices for her room lately and decided that it was time to change up a few things. (You can see the old art collage here) I felt like it was time to bring some girly homemade pieces that echo Spring and that don't take up the whole wall. There are a whole bunch of ways to use embroidery hoops to display art (Thanks Pinterest) and I decided to use fabric choices to make this DIY happen. 

What You Need:
- Assorted amount of embroidery hoops, different sizes or same 
- different fabric choices, I like using different textures  
- fabric cutter or scissors
- push pins
Put the embroidery hoop onto the fabric and make sure that its tight. Depending on the kind of fabric that is used, ironing may be needed.
Making sure that the hoop is tight and that the fabric won't move, begin to cut around the edges of the hoops so that you can get a circle. Use scissors or a cutter to remove access fabric around the hoop. Be careful with lace as it can tear easily.
The little hoop that you see holds a doily that my dad's mother made. I love the texture that it adds and it fit perfectly in the hoop, no cutting needed! It reminds me of a snowflake - so pretty. The butterflies were purchased at Target by my mom and I thought that adding them to the hoops made the whole collage seem girly. I just love it. Bug really likes it too, she kept pointing at the butterflies as I put them up.

I am switching things up in our home lately, getting rid of winter choices and moving onto Spring. I am also done revamping Bug's room, so if you are interested in seeing an updated look, please let me know. I am also waiting to get a couple of plugs so that I can hang up some shelves and then I can show you our dining room and coffee bar. Our bedroom just seems to be the place that everything that doesn't have a place goes to live, so I am working on that. In any case, I love showing off my home DIY's and corners. If you enjoy it do let me know and I will make sure that I make these kinds of posts a priority. xoxo

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