Monday, March 09, 2015

Currently - Reading & Yarning & Thinking & Smelling

Hello lovelies. Today I wanted to bring back my Currently series, but in a whole new fresh way. I felt like sometimes when I tried to pen down my current thoughts or doings that it seemed forced. I don't want to write about anything that makes me feel blah or mediocre or what feels like a chore anymore. I thought about scrapping the whole Currently idea altogether, but I just love writing about certain things and I really feel that it is a good way to connect us together - author to reader. So I am going to change it up a bit, because that is what authors do, they take what they don't like in script and rewrite it to make room for a happier ending. I am only going to be writing about a few things that I am excited to write about or that I am struggling with and need to get it out. I want to write about what I am thinking about or what I have been craving. I want to add more pictures of each activity and show you what inspires me. Most importantly, I want you to feel more included in my every day scrambles and messes and inspiration and funny bits. So here is a little bit of what I have been up to.

There are days when I read two sentences and don't have time for more, and then there are days that I devour a book in a sitting. That is my life right now, busy being a mom and a blogger and sometimes books just have to wait. I am loving No More Perfect Mom and have been reading it for a while. Its an easy read but I find that the content is so encouraging that I want to let her words and Truth soak in. I struggle with the idea of perfection and what it looks like as a mom. In some accepts of my life I find it easy to just shrug my shoulders and know that I do the best I can, but there are always moments that I cringe and wish I was better. However, God is amazing, and He made me exactly who I am today. This book is all about finding freedom from unrealistic expectations and how to embrace life now. I am all about the now - because that is all we have and because of Him - it is all we need. So good.

A family member recently surprised me with the second book I have been reading lately. It literally is the Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet and I am so thankful that I actually own this! There are so many great ideas on how to make sure your baby or toddler are getting the foods that they need and the recipes look yummy. I love it. I am already going through all of its pages and putting sticky notes on things I want to try or veggies/fruits I want to incorporate on a weekly basis. I highly recommend this book - even check it out in your library! so worth it.

Finally I am back in the yarning business. (my computer hates me and refuses to acknowledge yarning as a word - rude!) I took a mini vacation back in February and found myself in the company of wonderful friends at Cozy Up. Seeing their lovely yarn and wonderful products made me want to just knit knit knit or crochet it up. My brain has been at work and my fingers have started to hurt. I am currently working on figuring out a cowl. I am looking for the perfect buttons for it and just tweaking the pattern a little here and there. I cannot wait to see how it turns out. I am also working on another little project that I am been tweaking and playing with for years (am I really that old that I can say that?). Any guesses? It has been so good to dig into my yarn and build something from scratch, writing down measurements and rows, having my fingers crack from a good days work - I love it. The yarn I use in both projects are from the Cozy Up Shop. Also, just look at that candle - its from my sister and I don't think I will ever burn it because it is the coolest thing ever.

I have been thinking a lot about how I want to grow as an artist, blogger, and a mother - to name a few. I feel like I have been so inspired lately from so many women and men who have worked hard and are doing the things that they love, or are living a full life by just being in the present. Not the past - regretful or longing. Not the future - wishful or hoping. But in the present. I feel like the Happiness Project is really stretching my mind and is allowing me to think of every area of my life - in positive and healthy ways. No regrets. No wishes. Just thoughts of who am I? How can I grow? What would make this day even better? What does my heart need? What does my soul need?

One area that I want to grow in is my art. I feel as if I have let that slide in the past, not because I had to, or felt that I had to, but because it wasn't an area that I needed at that point in time. As I think and reflect and reevaluate my situation right now, I feel like it is time to bring it back. I want to bring it back. I miss having my fingers to my elbows covered in paint, I miss being in the right brain mode, I miss creating. I have made plans, made wishes, had my regrets, and become overwhelmed with all that I want to accomplish and I am letting that all go. Now, I want to paint. I want to create. I want to get messy and artsy and put all my dreams on paper.

Recently I have discovered the wonderful Frostbeard and I must say I am in love. I don't even remember where I first saw them, but the moment I laid eyes on their packaging, I knew it was a company that I had to try. I am a major book nerd - I love getting caught up in the adventure of a good book; curling, reading, becoming one of the main characters, falling in love, being scared, guessing at what happens next - I love all things literature. With that being said, I am also a major fan of items that make my house smell amazing - from cookies to candles - if it makes my house smell like a cookie or Christmas or floral, I NEED TO have it. Buy me a book or a candle and I am your friend forever. Frostbeard easily and wonderfully combines both of these loves for me. You have to check them out. If you are a book lover or a smeller lover of smells, you just gotta. I only ordered three, but now I am kicking myself. I am in LOVE with Sherlock's Study, Bookstore is absolutely amazing, and I cannot wait to try Wizardy Buttery Drink because it smells so tasty! If you buy me Frostbeard wax tarts I will also be your friend. Especially the Hatter's Tea Party - I really NEED this one. xo
this is not a sponsored post. everything is 100% my opinion.

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