Friday, March 27, 2015

A Cookie Party

I am a part of a bible study with three other couples where each week we rotate houses, giving us all a chance to make dinner and dessert for each other. At the end of the month its my turn to host and I always go through major nerves as to what to put out for my guests. For supper I knew exactly what I wanted to make, this recipe is my favorite. Dessert is always another challenge, I never know what to make. 
I turned to Joy the Baker for answers because I think she can do no wrong. I have been a fan of her blog for years and over Christmas I received her cookbook Homemade Decadence. Feeling like Spring is here and wanting something more light than heavy (and catering to the need of it being gluten-free) I decided to have a little cookie party. I originally wanted to make three recipes, but my husband got me down to two.

The oatmeal sandwich cookies were definitely a favorite of mine, however, most everyone fancied the strawberry ones. The were so light and scone like, a perfect treat after a hearty supper.
I highly recommend her cookbook. There are some pretty yummy recipes in there and out of the ones I have already made - I have yet to be disappointed. xoxo

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