Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Maker Series: Knitting with the Stitchin' Sisters

I am so happy and pleased to announce that the first instalment of the Maker Series is here! Thank you so much to the Stitchin' Sisters who put together their story of wool and needles, showing off their talents and beautiful faces to the world. Without giving anything more away, here are the Stitchin' Sisters.
Hello! We are very honoured to be featured here on the Knotted Home for the Makers Series… and thank you so much for joining in and hearing our story! I guess you could say that The Stitchin’ Sisters have been together for as long as we can all remember.
We are 4 sisters who were born and raised in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada and from oldest to youngest we are Jamie, Sarah, Katie & Kristina. Crafting and the love for the handmade was instilled in us as young girls, although we weren’t even aware of it at the time. Our mother, grandmothers, and further down our family line is a great list of women who had the gift of working with their hands.
I can remember receiving knitted gifts and articles of clothing throughout our childhood, and now, we would have never dreamed that we would have the same passion for fiber arts and that we would be the ones to send these kinds of gifts to our loved ones!

Not only do we have a passion and excitement for our craft, but with that, we grew up in the shoes business, alongside our mother. Our Grandfather Irv started up a small family shoe business over 40 years ago, and it still stands today as a well-loved store in our community. We have all, at some point, worked for the family business… and most days, when it was a little quiet, you could walk in and find at least one of us behind the counter knitting!
Our love of crafting AND a strong sense of business running through our veins could only lead to one possible outcome: Cozy Up – Designs by the Stitchin Sisters! Years of dreaming about having a knitting company, owning a cozy little yarn shop and teaching others to knit are slowly but surely coming to reality!
We would love to share with you a few pictures of some of our featured items that you can find in our Cozy Up Shop on Etsy. If you are local to Grande Prairie, you can follow us on Facebook or Instagram to watch for dates as to when and where we are throughout the year. Even if you are not local, you can still follow us and watch for the shenanigans of our newest stitchin member, Tom Woolery! He is our Mascot and will be joining us this summer and fall season as we travel to some of the different towns in Northern Alberta, taking part in their craft shows and summer fairs! 
These CozyKids Leather soled slippers have been in the works for a few years now. It doesn’t by any means take that long to make them, but the design, finding the right materials, and getting started on them took a while! Between all of us Stitchin Sisters, we currently have 5 children running around underfoot ages 4 and under, so there are lots of little tootsies to keep warm. They all wear these slippers and LOVE them! You can see a bit of the construction in the pictures above. They are leather soled with a thick fleece lining and then the uppers are crocheted and knit with Bulky Prairie Wool that we get from Custom Woolen Mills in Carstairs, Alberta. They have been a hit at the Markets and online and we even just sent a pair all the way to New York, NY!!
Not only do we love to knit, knit, knit, but we also love to design our own patterns! The CozyCables Toque above was the first pattern we released, and I have to say that it has been very cool to see who is downloading our patterns and where they are from! Just this morning a lady in the UK purchased this pattern and then messaged us about it… we have been having a lovely conversation back and forth!
Above: The CozyCables Headband was our second pattern that we released. This pattern is great if you are just learning to cable, or want to give it a try as it has row by row instructions and the cable pattern repeats all the way through giving you time to really learn it. At the end you can finish off with your own style of buttons or maybe just sew it together. There are also a few suggestions for variations on sizing, as well as sewing on a fleece lining to make it just that extra bit cozy!
These mitts in the picture above are beautiful and match our toque and headband perfectly. The pattern for the CozyCables Mitts is currently under construction and will be ready to be released soon.
Ok, now here is something that we can make along together. My apologies to all the crocheters out there. We are starting to get a little more familiar with your craft, but since we grew up knitting, that is what we tend to do the most! One of the Stitchin Sisters is currently working on some cute crocheted items, so maybe one day they will be up on our site too!
To make these Lacy Mock Boot Cuffs, you will need: Size 4.5mm double pointed needles, a stitch marker or piece of waste yarn, tapestry needle, and of course your favorite color of any worsted weight yarn!

C.O. 48 stitches (This will make a medium size pair. Adjust by groups of 4 to make them either smaller or larger depending on size of calf)
Rounds 1-10 are a K2, P2 ribbing. That means K2, P2, K2, P2, repeating this all the way around for 10 rounds.
Lacy Mock Pattern:
Round 1: (K2, P2) Repeat
Round 2: (K1, Yarn Over (YO), K1, P2) Repeat
Round 3: (K3, P2) Repeat
Round 4: (K3, P2) Repeat
Round 5: (K3, Pass first knit stitch over the other two Knit stitches, P2) Repeat
After your 10 rounds of ribbing, Repeat Lacy Mock Pattern 5 times.
Finish off with another 10 rounds of K2, P2 ribbing. Cast off loosely in Pattern. Sew in ends with tapestry needle.

Voila!! Now this is a super easy pattern to adjust in width and length and they look great as full legwarmers! Just keep on repeating the Lacy Mock Pattern as long as you want, and you have yourself a cute and cozy pair of leg warmers.

We hope you enjoyed hearing a little bit of our story as much as we enjoyed telling it! Thank you again, and Happy Crafting!!
Contact Cozy Up – Designs by the Stitchin Sisters
A huge thank you to the Stitchin' Sisters for being a part of the Maker Series. I cannot wait for our Cabled mitts to come out! So very exciting. Don't you just love their patterns and the yarn they use?

If you would like to be a part of the Maker Series or if you know of someone who is creative and should show of their talents, please email me at knotted home (at) hotmail (dot) com. The Maker Series is a place of inspiration, encouragement, and support to those who want to craft, create, or live a homemade lifestyle. This series is all about creating a comfortable and inspiration place in which we can show-off our talents and inspire anyone who has ever dreamed to start something new. 


  1. Love these patterns. Grande Prairie is lucky to have the Stitchin Sisters. Wish I lived closer.

    1. I know! I wish they lived closer as well! I am so thankful they have an Etsy shop - I am doing all of my shopping on there. :)